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Trade of the Colonies


Tuesday, October 31, 1775,

Sundry Letters from General Schuyler, of the 6th, 13th, 14th, and 19th instant, with sundry papers enclosed, were read.

The Congress then resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, to take into further consideration the Trade of these Colonies; and after some time spent therein, the President resumed the chair, and Mr˙ Ward reported, that they had come to certain Resolutions, which he was desired to report; but that not having come to a conclusion, they desired him to move for leave to sit again.

The Report of the Committee being read,

Resolved, That the consideration of the Report of the


Committee be referred till to-morrow, and this matter be the first thing taken up, and that it be not interrupted by any new motion.

Resolved, That the consideration of the appointment of Field-Officers for the Jersey Battalions be postponed to Friday next.