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Goods, Under the Tenth Article of the Association


Charlestown, South Carolina, February 27, 1775.

This day arrived Captain William Carter, of the Snow Lively, from Falmouth and Teneriffe, having imported two ton of Potatoes, which felt under the last clause of the tenth article of the Continental Association. Rather than endanger the health of his people by carrying them back, he chose to throw them overboard into the River, which he did jn the presence of the Committee of Observation.

The Ship Charming Sally, Captain Fortune, which arrived here the 16th instant, from Bristol, having on board a cargo which likewise falls under the tenth article of the Continental Association, (viz: three thousand eight hundred and forty-four bushels of Salt, and thirty-five chaldrons of Coal, consigned to Mr˙ John Nutville; forty thousand and five hundred Tiles, consigned to Mr˙ John Webb, for covering a house which he is building; and forty four pieces of Sail Duck, consigned to the master) went over into Hogs Island Creek, the concerned therein choosing that the Salt, Coal, and Tiles should be thrown overboard as ballast, rather than be carried back to Bristol, and this morning the said cargo began to be thrown into the said Creek accordingly, the Committee of Observation attending by desire.