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Whitehall, December 23, 1775.

SIR: It was not till the 27th of November that your despatch to Lord Dartmouth, of the 27th of August, was received here, when I had the honour of laying it before the King; and I have it in command from his Majesty to express to you his Majesty' s approbation of your zeal for the publick service, and of the unalterable attachment you have shown to his person and Government from the first commencement of the unhappy disputes which have involved his Majesty' s faithful servants in the Colonies in difficulties and distress, that are only to be equalled by the fortitude with which they are borne.

Your letter contains a great deal of very useful information, and your confidential communication of the characters of individuals, more especially of such as come over into England, is of great advantage; and you may rest assured that every possible precaution will be used that no part of your letter shall transpire.

An armament, consisting of seven regiments, with a fleet of frigates and small ships, is now in readiness to proceed to the Southern Colonies, in order to attempt the restoration of legal Government in that part of America. It will proceed, in the first place, to North-Carolina, and from thence either to South-Carolina or Virginia, as circumstances of greater or less advantage shall point out; if to the latter, it may


have very important consequences to the Colony under your Government; and, therefore, you will do well to consider of every means by which you may, in conjunction with Lord Dunmore, give facility and assistance to its operations.

I am, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,


To Deputy Governour Eden.