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Committee to get Seven Large Pieces of Cannon


At a Meeting of the Committees of Safety and Supplies, at Mr˙ Whittemore' s, of Charlestown, on Tuesday, 15th of November, 1774, Present:

COMMITTEE OF SAFETY. — Doctor Warren, Dr. Church, Colonel Palmer, Mr˙ Devens, Mr˙ Watson, Colonel Orne, Mr˙ White, and John Pigeon.

COMMITTEE OF SUPPLIES. — Colonel Lee, Colonel Lincoln, Deacon Cheever, and Mr˙ Gill.

Voted unanimously, That Mr˙ Gill be directed to apply to Mr˙ William Powell, to get seven large pieces of Cannon, on the best terms he can; and that said Gill and Mr˙ Benjamin Hall, be directed to get them out of Boston, to some place in the country, in such manner as they may think most prudent.