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Letter from John Langdon to General Washington



Portsmouth, March 17, 1776.

SIR: This moment arrived a small vessel from the West-Indies with about six thousand weight of powder, belonging to the Continent; and as I thought it might be wanted at Head-Quarters, have despatched Major Gaines with this information to your Excellency; and should it be wanting, (in part or all.) shall immediately forward it on receiving your direction. The bearer will inform what intelligence the Captain brings, who I should have sent up had it not been necessary to keep him on board his vessel. The Captain informs that, at Martinique and Guadeloupe, there is at least ten thousand French Troops making great preparations for war; this, he says, may be depended on. Yesterday we had a small parcel of powder (about five thousand weight) arrived, belonging to the Colony. We have several vessels more at St˙ Lucia, who are taking in powder.

Please to accept of the best wishes of your most obedient servant,


To His Excellency General Washington.