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Bunker' s Hill to be Maintained


Whereas, it appears of importance to the safety of this Colony, that possession of the hill called Bunker' s Hill, in Charlestown, be securely kept and defended, and also some one hill or hills on Dorchester Neck be likewise secured; therefore

Resolved unanimously, That it be recommended to the Council of War, that the above mentioned Bunker' s Hill be maintained by sufficient force being posted there; and as the particular situation of Dorchester Neck is unknown to this Committee, they desire that the Council of War take and pursue such steps respecting the same as to them shall appear to be for the security of this Colony.

Ordered, That Colonel Benjamin White and Colonel Joseph Palmer be a Committee to join with a Committee from the Council of War to proceed to Roxbury Camp, there to consult with the General Officers on matters of importance, and to communicate to them a Resolve this day passed in this Committee respecting Bunker' s Hill in Charlestown, and Dorchester Neck.