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Philadelphia Committee publish Benjamin Sharpless


Committee-Chamber, March 26, 1776.

Whereas it is represented to this Committee that some avaricious and designing persons are endeavouring, by various designs, to elude the late Resolutions of this Committee touching the prices of Sugar, Coffee, Rum, Molasses, Pepper, &c˙: in order, therefore, that suitable measures may be immediately taken with such persons, the Committee will sit on the 29th instant, at six o' clock in the evening, at the Philosophical-Hall, in Second-street, in order to receive any complaints that may be made on that head. And they do request all persons who have any knowledge of such practices either to attend the Committee personally, or acquaint them by letter who the offenders are, and the circumstances of such offence, so far as they have come to their knowledge.

By order of the Committee of Inspection and Observation of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia;

R˙ S˙ JONES, Secretary.