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General Orders, at Ticonderoga, from July 10 to July 29


Head Quarters, July 23, 1776.

(Parole, Martinico.) (Countersign, Monckton.)

Whereas it is of the utmost consequence that a well regulated body of Seamen and Marines should be immediately draughted from the several Brigades of this Army, to the end that the Army of the United States may continue to support their naval superiority and command of the waters of Lake Champlain; and for the encouragement of such seamen and marines as shall be so draughted for the important purpose aforesaid, the honourable the Congress of the United States have ordered each non-commissioned officer, seaman, and marine, while employed in the service aforesaid; an additional pay of 8 , lawful money, per month, over and above the pay they are entitled to receive in the corps to which they respectively belong.

The following is the detail for the Non-Commissioned Officers, Seamen, and Marines, to be draughted from each Brigade. They are to parade tomorrow morning at eight o' clock, and immediately to be delivered to the Officers appointed to command them. Each Officer will keep a roll of their names, Regiments, and Companies, that their pay-abstracts may be regularly made up and adjusted once a month.

Detail for the Seamen and Marines.
First Brigade 6 Sergeants, 4 Corporals, 4 Drummers, 64 Privates.
Second Brigade 6 4 4 62 "
Third Brigade 6 2 2 60 "
Fourth Brigade 10 6 6 102 "
Total 28 Serg' nts 16 Corp' rals 16 Drum' ers 288 Privates.

Colonel Poor' s Regiment is immediately to be removed into the Third Brigade, commanded by Colonel Stark; and


Colonel Wynkoop' s Regiment into the Second Brigade, commanded by Colonel Reed.

The Court Martial, whereof Colonel Reed was President, is dissolved.

Samuel Tenners, of Captain Trow' s Company, Colonel Bond' s Regiment, and William Prudox, Fifer in Captain Egery' s Company, the same Regiment, ropemakers, are to be immediately sent to the Captain of the Sloop, to be employed by him. They will receive the same additional pay as the other artificers.

A Court of Inquiry to sit tomorrow morning, ten o' clock, to inquire into the conduct of Captain Romans, of the Train of Artillery, in a dispute between him and his Lieutenant.

Colonel Wayne, President. Members: Lieutenant-Colonel Irvine and Major Fuller.