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May 13


At a meeting of the Joint Committee of Brookhaven, Manor of St˙ George, and Patentship of Meritches, convened on the 13th of May, 1776, John Woodhull, Esquire, in the chair, and twenty Members present: Sundry evidences being called to discover the secret plots and misconduct of sundry evil-minded persons:

Mr˙ Daniel Nash, being sworn, deposeth, That he heard Andrew Patchin say, as he was going home from the general training, the Congress goes on as they ought not to do, and damned the Congress in all their unlawful proceedings, and used much more unfriendly discourse.

Mr˙ Nathaniel Finch, being sworn, deposeth, That he heard Andrew Patchin damn the Congress, and used them with very abusive language, and was a mind that all present (being a considerable number) should agree with him to resist and oppose the Congress, and all military officers, and


others holding commissions under the Congress; he particularly damned Colonel William Floyd, saying he came home from the Congress on purpose to make disturbance, and the devil would have him, for he would go to hell for what he had done, and so would Captain Nathan Rose and Lieutenant William Baker, and persuaded all present to agree to go to no more trainings, saying neither he nor any of his should, and said all those who would not so agree were worse than Infidels.