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Address of the Borough of Abingdon



Address of the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of the Borough of Abingdon, in the County of Berks, presented to His Majesty by John Mayor, Esq˙, High Sheriff of Berkshire, and Representative in Parliament for the said Borough, and John Morton, Esq˙, Recorder of the said Borough.

To the King' s Most Excellent Majesty:

We, your Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of the Borough of Abingdon, in Common Council assembled, truly sensible of the many blessings we enjoy under your Majesty' s mild and auspicious Government, beg leave at this important juncture to present to your Majesty the strongest assurances of our faithful and zealous attachment to your royal person, to the supreme Legislature of Great Britain, and our excellent Constitution, in Church and State; and that we will, to the utmost of our abilities, assist in supporting them.

We cannot but lament the misery and abhor the conduct of many of our fellow-subjects in America, influenced and deluded by the artful designs of seditious and factious men, both at home and abroad, who, under the specious pretext of preserving the liberty of the people, are aiming at a total subversion of Government, and the confounding of all order and decency, and whose machinations have plunged those unhappy people into open rebellion against your Majesty' s crown and the laws of the realm.

We therefore most ardently wish such success may attend those measures which your Majesty, in your wisdom and the firmness of your Parliament, shall adopt at this crisis, as may speedily reduce your rebellious subjects to a just sense of their duty and allegiance; and that the indubitable authority of the British Legislature may be equally acknowledged and permanently established in every part of your Majesty' s Dominions.

Given under our common seal, this 19th day of October, 1775.