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Orders by General Washington, Sept. 20


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, September 20, 1775.

(Parole, Falmouth.) (Countersign, Gloucester,)

As the commissions are ready to be delivered to the Officers serving in the Army of the United Colonies, the General recommends it to them to apply, as soon as it is convenient, to him at Head-Quarters for the same. No person is to presume to demand a Continental commission who is not in actual possession of the like commission from the proper authority of the Colony he is at present engaged to serve, which must be produced at the time application is made for a Continental commission. If, from unavoidable circumstances, any gentleman has served, from the beginning of the campaign, in the rank of a Commissioned Officer, and has not yet received a commission, being justly entitled thereto, such Officer' s pretensions will be duly weighed and considered, and, upon sufficient proof of the justice of his claim, a commission will issue accordingly. The General expects that every Officer delivers his present commission, or claim to a commission, to his Colonel or Officer commanding the Regiment; and each Colonel, or Officer commanding a Regiment, is forthwith to apply to the General for the commissions for the Officers of his respective Regiments. The Colonels of the First, Second, and Third Regiments, to apply to-morrow morning, at nine o' clock, and so on, day by day, until the whole are supplied; three Regiments each day.