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Plan for embodying the Militia


Friday, March 24, 1775.

The Committee appointed for that purpose reported a plan for embodying, arming, and disciplining the Militia of this Colony; the consideration whereof is postponed till tomorrow.

Certain paragraphs in the publick Papers, said to be votes of the House of Representatives of New-York, being read,

The Convention, taking into their consideration that the said Province of New-York did, by their Delegates in General Congress, solemnly accede to the compact of Association there formed for the preservation of American rights, that a defection from such their compact would be a perfidy too atrocious to be charged on a sister Colony but on the most authentick information, and also doubting whether, from some radical defect in the Constitution of that Government, the sense of their House of Representatives, on questions of this nature, should be considered as the sense of the people in general, came to the following Resolutions:

Resolved, That it be an instruction to the Committee of Correspondence for this Colony, that they procure authentick information from the Committee of Correspondence in the Province of New-York, or otherwise, whether their House of Representatives, by any vote or votes whatsoever, have deserted the union with the other American Colonies, formed in General Congress, for the preservation of their just rights; whether the other Colonies are to consider such vote or votes as declaring truly the sense of the people of their Province in general, and as forming a rule for their future conduct; and, if they are not to be so considered, that then they inform us, by their names and other sufficient descriptions, of the individuals who may have concurred in such vote or votes; and that the said Committee lay such their information before the next Contention, or Assembly.

Resolved unanimously, That the Committees of the several Counties and Corporations in this Colony do exert themselves in procuring and continuing Contributions, for supplying the necessities and alleviating the distresses of our brave and worthy fellow-subjects of Boston, now suffering in the common cause of American freedom, in such manner, and so long as their occasions may require.

Resolved unanimously, In compliance with the recommendation of the late Continental Congress, that Delegates ought to be appointed to represent this Colony at the approaching Congress, to be held in the City of Philadelphia, the 10th day of May next.

Resolved, That the delegation from this Colony do consist of seven Members, and that they be chosen by ballot.

Adjourned till to-morrow, 10 o' clock.