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Petition of Isaac Ryckman


To the Honourable Provincial Congress of NEW-YORK:

GENTLEMEN: Whereas your Petitioner, being very desirous of serving his country against the arbitrary and lawless attempts of a designing Ministry to banish freedom from this once happy and free land, and erect the standard of despotism in its stead, — and as your Petitioner has ever been distinguished as a hearty friend and well-wisher to the American cause, and is now actually in the service as a Sergeant, in Captain Johnson' s Company, of Colonel McDougall' s Regiment, and a native of this city, of parents ever distinguished as friends to the privileges of this city and to the American cause in general — (when your Petitioner entered the service, it was in expectation of being promoted; but finding that impracticable without the assistance of this honourable Congress) — he has thought proper, with the advice of his friends, to make this humble application; praying that your Honours may be pleased to


appoint him to such vacant commission that may happen, as your Honours, in wisdom, may think fit.

And your Petitioner, as in duty bound, shall every pray, &c.


To Nathaniel Woodhull, Esq˙, President of the Provincial Congress, New-York.