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Information from Canada communicated to the New-York Committee of Safety



Pelton left Quebeck 6th of April.

A Canadian went into Quebeck about the 17th of March, at night; he came out with packets, supposed commissions and despatches, to Sinior, at Island Crane, to raise a party out of the guard at Point-Levi.

That sixty or seventy people joined their people; that seven were killed and four wounded; that thirty-eight prisoners were taken — twenty-five brought to Montreal; that the river was not frozen over at Quebeck; that the Canadians are very hearty in our cause: that he does not know that they understand the controversy.

That they put their prisoners to a short allowance; that McLean wrote to Campbell that they had the same allowance as garrison.

One of Lamb' s men escaped — went into the bomb-proof in the yard — jumped over the wall, and over the city wall — said he had heard of Lamb, that he had lost left eye. Twenty-five hundred troops there — snow deep when he came away.

Met, 16th or 17th April, fourteen or fifteen boats — got to St˙ John' s the large cannon (four thirty-twos, one twenty-four, and one eighteen) taken at Ticonderoga — General Thomas between Crown-Point and Ticonderoga — men healthy — one man a little wounded.

Fresh provisions and wood plenty — battery at Point-Levi began to play 3d April (four twelve-pounders — now three) — a bomb-battery on the Heights of Abraham — snow seven feet deep — Mott well — Hughes with him — Gano well — Goforth very fat at Three-Rivers — not more than a company there — Goforth more respected and feared than any man there — heard at camp troops left Boston 3d April.

Canadians expect vessels from 4th to 10th May, this year 20th May; that General Schuyler is driving with great spirit — has seen nothing like him.

Nicholson at Quebeck when he came away — Arnold recruiting — Clinton well. Must storm — three hundred and fifty men all — blockade. Carleton twelve or fourteen hundred.

Met General Thomas, 21st April, between Ticonderoga and Crown-Point. General Wooster paid his men in hard money at Montreal — Yorkers paid in paper, before Quebeck — that they are very cautious how any recommendations are given to New-York officers — Nicholson appointed Lieutenant-Colonel of the Canada Regiment.

To William Paulding, Esq˙, Chairman of the Committee of Safety, New-York.