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Dixon Quinton and Thomas Lambden declared enemies of their Country


Likewise Mr˙ Thomas Lambden, an inhabitant of this County, and crier of said County Court, being called before the Committee, and full proof being made that he had declared "all those who took up arms, or exercised agreeable to the Resolves of the Provincial Convention at Annapolis, to be rebels," and that, in conversation relative to a quantity of Salt being thrown into the water by the Baltimore Committee, the said Thomas Lambden had declared, "that the Committee were a parcel of damn' d rascals, and would not be easy until some of them were hanged up;" and further, that in conversation relative to a report that the Ships and Troops were about to be recalled from Boston, the said Thomas Lambden had declared, "that he should be very sorry they should be withdrawn, until the Bostonians were fully humbled;"


It is, therefore, unanimously Resolved, That we hold the said Dixon Quinton and Thomas Lambden to be enemies to their Country; that we are determined immediately to break off all dealings and intercourse with them, and with every person who shall have any connexion with them, or either of them; and do recommend to every attorney of this Province not to bring or prosecute any action at law, nor to appear or plead for them, or either of them, on any trial, until they shall make such proper acknowledgments, and show such genuine marks of repentance and reformation as shall be satisfactory to a majority of this Committee.

Resolved, That these proceedings be immediately printed in the Maryland Gazette.

A true copy from the Minutes: