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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


The Committee met, Monday, February 5, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, Chairman, William Lux, John Smith, John Motile, Isaac Grist, William Buchanan, Andrew Buchanan, Thomas Harrison, Charles Ridgely, of William, Jeremiah T˙ Chase, Thomas Gist, Thomas Sellers, Abraham Britton, John E˙ Howard, James Calhoun, William Asquith, Benjamin Griffith, George Lux, Secretary.

Mr˙ John Moale produced, in cash, four hundred and twelve Pounds fifteen Shillings, which sum he received from the Treasurer of the Western-Shore, being so much allowed this Committee by order of the Convention, to repay the Subscribers for the purchase of Arms and Ammunition, out of which the following sums were paid to the following persons, viz:

To William Spear, £112 5 0
To Thomas Harrison, 10 0 0
To Benjamin Griffith, 14 6 10
To Alexander Donaldson, 5 10 0
To John Smith, 8 0 0
To John Egor Howard, 30 0 0
To Andrew Buchanan, 89 9 6
To do˙ for Edward Talbot, 23 9 0
To do˙ for James Croxall, 19 5 0
To do˙ for Jesse Hollingsworth, 2 10 0
To William Lux, 13 3 0
To Black & McCohnell, 2 9 3
To Thomas Usher, 11 9 11
To Walter Roe, 2 0 0
To Philip Graybill, 3 12 4
To Goodwill & Russell, 3 5 10

Mr˙ Andrew Buchanan produced his account of Money paid for Powder and Lead, on which a balance of ten Shillings and six Pence remained due from him, which he paid in.

Captain William Chase, of the Sloop John, applied for permission to load said Sloop for Rhode-Island, or Dartmouth-Bay; which was granted him, on William Spear and Benjamin Griffith becoming security.

Captain William Johnson, of the Schooner — , applied for liberty to load said vessel with Flour for Northampton County, in Virginia, which was refused, as he brought no certificate from their Committee, and it does not appear that any Troops are ordered to that County, which was the reason assigned, in a Letter to Lux & Bowly, for sending for the Flour, but as it appears that he has bought half a ton of Iron, he is permitted to carry it down, on reporting his cargo as heretofore agreed on.

Mr˙ John Moale is unanimously elected Treasurer, and the balance of sixty-two Pounds nine Shillings and ten Pence, was paid into his hands.

Upon motion, Resolved, That the permission granted to Messrs˙ Robert & Alexander McKim on the 22d ultimo, be cancelled, as it appears to this Committee that they have not concluded any bargain with Captain Paddock.

A copy of this Resolve is ordered to be delivered to Messrs˙ McKims by the Secretary.

Messrs˙ Lux & Bowly having produced a Certificate from the Convention to export the Produce of this Province to the amount of one hundred and sixty-eight Pounds


fifteen Shillings, and requested liberty to export the same in Lumber, in the Schooner Resolution, William Wand, master; which was granted.

They also produced an Order from the Committee of Safety, for shipping one hundred barrels superfine Flour in the Pilot-Boat Chatham, on account of the Province, for which they obtained permission from the Committee.

Whereas, the Committee appointed at the last meeting to devise and point out the most eligible modes for Fortifying and defending this Town, did, on Saturday last, report to Messrs˙ Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, William Lux, John Mottle, John Smith, William Buchanan, Isaac Grist, John Boyd, Benjamin Griffith, William Asquith, Thomas Harrison, and James Calhoun, (Members of this Committee, and collected together for this purpose,) that, in their opinion, the sum of seven thousand sixty-three Pounds six Shillings and eight Pence, was requisite for carrying their plan properly into execution; and the same being referred to the Council of Safety, they declared that they were only permitted to expend the sum of six thousand two hundred Pounds for placing obstructions in the channel, and pulling Baltimore Town in a posture of defence, if such a scheme should appear to them practicable for such a sum. As it is of the utmost consequence that this Town should be fortified as soon as possible, Messrs˙ Samuel Purviance, William Lux, Andrew Buchanan, John Moale, Jeremiah Townley Chase, James Calhoun, Thomas Harrison, Benjamin Griffith, Isaac Grist, John Smith, John Boyd, William Asquith, and William Buchanan, acting Members of this Committee, did, at the same time, enter into bond with the Honourable Daniel of St˙ Thomas Jenifer, Charles Carroll, Barrister, James Tilghman, and John Hall, Esq˙, acting Members of the Council of Safety of this Province, for the purposes therein mentioned.

The Committee do, therefore, heartily approve of the conduct of the above named gentlemen, and will, if the next Convention does not allow a further sum for fortifying the Town, cheerfully assist and contribute all in their power for so laudable an end, but the gentlemen who entered into bond, are considered as solely invested with the power of directing and conducting the purposes for which said money was granted.