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Letter from Lord Stirling


A Letter from the Right Honourable William Earl of Stirling, was received and read, and is in the words following:

"New York, February 20, 1776.

"SIR: As the Asia man-of-war, with her attendants, have now taken their station in the Bay below this city, and the Phenix between the Narrows and Sandy Hook, and do take every provision vessel coming from New Jersey, it is become highly proper to prevent any provisions or produce of any kind being shipped from New Jersey to this or any other place whatsoever, while those ships continue in a situation which will enable them to make seizures of them. I have, therefore, General Lee' s directions to request, that the Congress of New Jersey will give immediate directions to prevent any provisions or other produce being shipped or sent off from any part of East New Jersey,


that can possibly fall into the hands of the enemy. I am, sir, your most humble servant,

"To the President of the Congress of the Province of New Jersey, at New Brunswick."

The Congress, sensible of the expediency of the above request, do Resolve, That Provisions, and all other kinds of Produce of this Colony, be immediately prevented from being sent to New York, or other parts, wherety they must pass New York Bay, or the Bay between Sandy Hook and Perth-Amboy, or Staten-Island: And all owners and masters pf vessels, of every kind, are prohibited from sending any Provisions or Produce from any part of this Province as aforesaid, until permitted by this Congress.

All County and Township Committees in the Eastern division of this Province, are hereby directed to be vigilant and active in carrying this Resolve into effect.