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Their conduct approved


On the Petition of Samuel Stanwood the Committee reported. Read and accepted.

On the Representation made by Sam' l Stanwood, Chairman of the Committee of Safety and Correspondence for the Towns of Brunswick, Bowdoinham, and Topsham

Resolved, That the said Committees are hereby justified in their inquiries, and are directed to suffer the nine Vessels, in their Memorial mentioned, to return to Nantucket, with such necessaries as they can procure; provided, that each Master of those Vessels bind himself in a sum equal to the value of his respective Vessel and Cargo, payable to the Treasurer of this Colony, for the use of this Colony, conditioned, that he will sail directly for the Island of Nantucket, and there land the Cargo, in such Vessel contained, for the use of the inhabitants of said Island, and that the same shall not be disposed of to any other purpose; and the said Committee are hereby directed to take such Bonds, at the charge of such Masters of the said Vessels, previous to their permitting them to go out, and the same to transmit to the Treasurer of this Colony, as soon as may be.

In Council, November 2, 1775: Read and concurred.