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Certificate of John Davidson



BEAVER DAM, October 5, 1830.

DEAR SIR: I received your note of the 25th of last month, requiring information relative to the Mecklenburgh Declaration of Independence. As I am, perhaps, the only person living who, as a member of that Convention, and being far advanced in years, and not having my mind frequently directed to that circumstance for some years, I can give you but a very succinct history of that transaction. There were two men chosen from each Captain' s company, to meet in Charlotte, to take the subject into consideration. John M' Knitt Alexander and myself were chosen from one company; and many other members were there that I now recollect, whose names I deem unnecessary to mention. When the members met, and were perfectly organized for business, a motion was made to declare ourselves independent of the Crown of Great Britain, which was carried by a large majority. Doctor Ephraim Brevard was then appointed to give us a sketch of the Declaration of Independence, which he did. James Jack was appointed to take it on to the American Congress, then sitting in Philadelphia, with particular instructions to deliver it to the North-Carolina Delegation in Congress, (Hooper and Caswell.) When Jack returned, he stated that the Declaration was presented to Congress, and the reply was, that they highly esteemed the patriotism of the citizens of Mecklenburgh; but they thought the measure too premature.

I am confident that the Declaration of Independence by the people of Mecklenburgh was made publick at least twelve months before that of the Congress of the United States.

I do certify that the foregoing statement, relative to the Mecklenburgh Independence, is correct, and which I am willing to be qualified to, should it be required. Yours respectfully,