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Letter from Marine Committee to Lieutenant Albertson



October 1, 1776.

SIR: The Continental schooner Muskeito, under your command, being well fitted and manned, you are to set sail for Ocracock, in North-Carolina, and proceed up with said schooner to Edenton. On your arrival there, put into the post-office any letters you carry with you, and the military stores and other goods you have on board deliver to Messrs˙ Hewes & Smith, merchants, at that place. Those gentlemen are to lade you back; therefore you must lose no time in discharging and getting the vessel ready for the reception of naval stores, or any other goods which they may want for to put on board, which you are to receive to the full lading of your vessel.

You are to apply to the Convention, or any other publick body at that place, for any despatches they may want to send by you; and as soon as you have received your cargo and despatches from Messrs˙ Hewes & Smith, you are to set sail for this place, proceeding with caution, to avoid being taken by the enemy. Should you find, our bay shut up by the men-of-war, and that you cannot get in by the Cape May channel, bear away for some of the inlets, and write to us when you get in.

You are to be careful of the schooner, her materials and stores, and we expect you will be diligent and attentive to the execution of your business.

We are, sir, your humble servants.

To Lieutenant Thomas Albertson, of the Continental schooner Muskeito.

P˙ S. You must make the utmost despatch from Carolina, and take care not to waste any powder. Should you be taken, throw all letters and papers overboard, slung to a shot to sink them.