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Cumberland County (Virginia) Committee



At a Committee held for Cumberland County, Virginia, on Saturday, the 18th of February, 1775; Present, George Carrington, Chairman, William Fleming, John Mayo, Littleberry Mosby, Joseph Carrington, Richard James, Carter H˙ Harrison, George Carrington, Junior, John Netherland, Robert Smith, Maurice Langhorne, Benjamin Wilson, Joseph Calland, Frederick Hatcher, Edward Carrington, John Woodson, the Reverend John H˙ Saunders, and Charles Woodson, Junior.

Resolved, That the members of the Committee now present, will give a premium of three Shillings per pound to the first person, or company of persons, who shall, within eight months from the date hereof, produce to the said Committee, or the Chairman thereof, fifty pounds weight of good Gunpowder, manufactured in America, on due proof that the same was made wholly of American materials.

Resolved, That whenever a suspicion shall arise of any Merchant in this County having infringed the Association of the late Continental Congress, the person or persons suspecting such infringement, do make information thereof to any three or more members of this Committee; and if, upon inquiry, they think the same well grounded, they shall forthwith inform the Chairman, and he call a meeting of the Committee to take it under consideration.