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Delaware Assembly declare they will be chargeable with their share of the expense incurred


Wednesday, June 7, 1775, A˙ M.

The House met, pursuant to their adjournment, and the Speaker assumed the Chair.

The Speaker informed the House that, during the recess of this House, he had received a Letter from the Speaker of the House of Assembly at New-York, enclosing a List of Grievances, with the Resolutions of the House in consequence thereof; also, a Petition to the King, a Memorial to the House of Lords, and a Representation and Remonstrance to the Commons of Great Britain, which he now laid before the House.

On motion, by order,

The same were read, and ordered to be filed among the Records of this House.

The House being informed by the Delegates appointed to represent this Colony in the Grand Continental Congress now held at Philadelphia, in the Province of Pennsylvania; that the said Congress are unanimously of opinion, that it is absolutely necessary, for the preservation of the lives, liberties, and properties of the good people of the twelve United Colonies, and of the Parish of St˙ John' s, in Georgia, to have an armed force, at their general expense, sufficient for repelling and defeating all hostile attempts by arms to deprive them of the same, took the same into their most serious consideration, and unanimously approved thereof.

Resolved, nemine contradicente, That the inhabitants of this Government be chargeable and charged with their quota or share of said expense, to be ascertained by the Congress, and that this House will provide the same by all ways and means in their power.

Resolved, nemine contradicente, That the sum of Five Hundred Pounds be drawn for by the Speaker, upon the Trustees of the several Loan Offices of this Government, according to the Proportion Act, to be paid to Mr˙ Speaker, Thomas McKean, and George Read, Esquires, towards the share of this Colony of the expense aforesaid; and that same be said hereafter replaced in the said Offices by the Assembly.

Then the House adjourned till the twenty-first day of August next.