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Recantation of Gideon Lounsbery



Stamford, Connecticut, December 7, 1775.

Whereas I, the subscriber, have, at divers times, spoken many things in time past which have been taken as unfriendly to American liberty, and also have inadvertently and inconsiderately spoken disrespectfully of the honourable Continental Congress, and have endeavoured to bring their persons and doings into contempt, I do, in this publick


manner, humbly ask the forgiveness of my bleeding country in general and of this town in particular, for my misconduct in so doing; and do hereby, in the most solemn manner, promise and engage, that for the future I will faithfully adhere to any resolve of the Continental Congress, or any recommendation coming from that honourable body, and will, to my utmost, exert myself in opposition to the Ministerial troops sent into this country to dragoon us into slavery. And do further, in consequence of the above confession and declaration, humbly request the Committee of the town of Stamford to revoke the sentence they have heretofore given against me as being an enemy to American liberty, and that I may be received and looked upon as a true friend to the grand American cause. And whereas it has been alledged against me that I have publickly said that I could raise five hundred men to join the King' s forces against the American troops, which expressions I do not remember ever to have made use of; I do hereby declare my aversion and disapprobation to any such measures.

In testimony of my sincerity, I have hereunto set my hand the day and date above written.