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Captain Davis


The following Instructions, reported to be given Captain Davis, were considered:

Captain DAVIS:

SIR: You are hereby desired to repair to Stonington, in Connecticut, and take charge of the Brig Nancy and cargo, lying in said harbour, upon receiving the consent of his Honour Governour Trumbull; to take account of said cargo, and make sale of such part or parts thereof, as shall be sufficient to discharge the portage bill, and such other incidental charges as may necessarily arise. You are then directed to secure the remaining part of said cargo in good and sufficient stores at the place above mentioned, and to make a return of your doings to this Congress, or House of Representatives to be convened. Which cargo is to be appropriated to the use of this Colony, and to be draughted at the discretion of the Committee of Supplies.

By order of Congress.

After debate, the Report was ordered to be dismissed.