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July 4


New-York, July 4, 1776.

On Monday about one thousand of the Ministerial Troops landed on the west end of Long-Island, but soon embarked again, and seeing a party of Riflemen, said to be about one thousand, gave them three huzzas, which they returned with the Indian war-whoop. On Tuesday morning some of them appeared coming up, and before night about forty-five sail came above the Narrows, and anchored at and near the Watering place, where they fired about fifty cannon shot, of which we have not heard the occasion, and landed many of their men, whom we could plainly see exercising and parading. It was apprehended they intended to penetrate into the interior parts of the Island, or to some of the neighbouring towns, but it does not appear that they have yet attempted it, or done anything on shore, except taking up a little bridge on the Causeway between the Landing and the Highlands at the Ferry. We hear General Mercer with a detachment was yesterday despatched to watch their motions, and act as occasion might require.