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Tuesday, October 17, 1775.

Mr˙ Gerry, according to order, brought in the following Resolve. Read and accepted.

Whereas the Committee appointed to settle all such Accounts of the Committee of Supplies as remain unsettled are empowered to pay and discharge the Accounts of the Selectmen of the several Towns in the Government, for Blankets by them supplied, agreeable to a Resolve of Congress; and there are many Non-Commissioned Officers and Private Soldiers enlisted by this Colony, and now in the American Army, who have found their own Blankets, and not received payment therefor; and others who are yet unsupplied with Blankets, or Money to purchase the same:

Therefore, Resolved, That the Committee aforesaid be, and they hereby are empowered to pay twelve Shillings to each and every Soldier, as aforesaid, who shall fully satisfy said Committee that he hath not received a Blanket, or payment therefor, from any Selectman or Committee of this Colony.