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Captain Rosekrans to Colonel Dubois



Fishkill, December 20, 1776.

COLONEL DUBOIS: I was yesterday at Congress, when I was informed that I had choice either to be in your regiment or Colonel Livingston' s; which in choice do choose to be in yours; but, however, am now in company with Lieutenant Lee, who informs me that he has an offer of a Captain in your regiment, with the proviso I do not accept the berth; if I do, that he must continue as a Lieutenant, which I think need not be the case, for if I am appointed in your regiment, there must be a vacancy in Livingston' s, which I think can be procured for Lieutenant Lee, with your assistance. However, if not, I shall not be the means of being detrimental to Lee. Shall take it as a particular favour if you would assist Lee in getting the commission, as I think him highly worthy of the berth; and likewise, I expect there will be a vacancy for an Ensign in my company, and shall be very happy if you could see it in your way to appoint


Henry Swartwout, who is now my Ensign, and worthy of the berth.

I am, and remain, sir, your real friend and most humble servant,


Colonel Duboys.

N˙ B˙ Captain Rosekrans showed me the above letters, and I recommend the same.

JAMES CLINTON, Brigadier-General.