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William Tennent


This affidavit was enclosed to Mr˙ Drayton, in a letter from Mr˙ Tennent, of the following purport:

DEAR SIR: Coming to the knowledge of the above , and no longer doubting of the infernal design to take Fort Charlotte, by the Governour' s order, and to open a dismal campaign in this quarter, by this means I send this express, that you may advertise the fort, and throw as many men into it as possible and disappoint them. I have pat things together, and am no longer at a loss as to the design to embody men, as an asylum for all the Tories, and that shortly. And am yours,


P˙ S. From a question asked me by the Colonel, I suspect some harsh design: be upon your guard.

To the Hon˙ Wm˙ Henry Drayton, at Mr˙ Muckelwaines.