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Aug 17


The Committee of Treasury reported, that there is due —

To John Bates, for one hundred and eighty-seven Camp-Kettles, delivered to Clement Biddle, Deputy Quartermaster-General, 249 Dollars:

To George Bunner, for a Rifle purchased by Lieutenant Moses Rawling, from John Piper, in Maryland, for the use of Captain Grier' s Rifle Company, and to be charged to said Company, 10 60-90 Dollars:

To Messrs˙ Gibson and Aston, for five Rifles furnished Captain Morgan' s Company of Riflemen, by persons in Frederick County, Virginia, and certified by the Committee there, and to be charged to the said Morgan, 65 30-90 dollars:

To James Mercer, for five hundred and ninety-seven Meals furnished to the Militia on their march to New-Jersey, 59 63-90 Dollars:

To William Clayton, for 454 Meals supplied the Militia on their march to New-Jersey, 45 36-90 Dollars:

To William Allibone, for his expenses in search of Flint-Stones, by direction of the Board of War, 6 Dollars:

To Joseph Hinzey, for seven Chairs and a Stool, for the use of the Treasury Office, 15 80-90 Dollars:

To William M' Carroll, for the Passage of Prisoners taken by Captain Barry from Egg-Harbour to Philadelphia, with their maintenance on the road, 4 56-90 Dollars:

To Colonel Henry Holler, 425 39-90 Dollars, of which sum 20 Dollars are to be charged to Captain Nelson, for two Rifles delivered to him by David Miers; 14 54-90 Dollars to the Army, for Rations supplied Captain Nelson' s Company; 24 Dollars for contingent expenses of three Expresses; and 366 75-90 Dollars for Provisions for the Prisoners at Reading, with Fire-Wood, Salt, Straw, &c˙, including 39 days' service of said Holler:

To George Struylys, for entertainment of the Militia, on their march to New-Jersey, 78 64-90 Dollars:

To Robert Jewell, for sundry bills for the repair of the Old Jail in Philadelphia, and work done at the New Jail, 178 53-90 Dollars:

Ordered, That the said Accounts be paid.

The Committee on Indian Affairs, to whom sundry Letters and Papers from Pittsburg were referred, having examined them, laid the same on the table, and desired they might be read, which was done.

Resolved, That an Order for 50 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurer, in favour of George Morgan, for the use of Peter Long, for his services in the Indian country.

Resolved, That the Accounts of George Morgan, Esq˙, be referred to the Board of Treasury.

A Letter, of this day, from Martin Johnson, Lieutenant of Artillery, was laid before Congress and read; wherein he desires Congress to inquire into the circumstances of Mr˙ Anstruther' s diamond ring, which he acknowledges he has; that he never made a secret of it; that he did not break open Mr˙ Anstruther' s trunk; he found the ring some time after the garrison capitulated, and thought it to be a prize; and, for the truth of what he asserts, refers Congress to the Certificates of several principal Officers.

Resolved, That Lieutenant Martin Johnson be directed to deliver the Ring to the Secretary of the War Office, who is ordered to send the same to Mr˙ Anstruther, the owner.

Congress resumed the consideration of the Report of the Committee to whom was referred Brigadier-General Wooster' s Letter, requesting an inquiry into his conduct while he had the honour of commanding the Continental Forces in Canada, which was read, as follows:

That Brigadier-General Wooster produced copies of a number of Letters which passed between him and General Schuyler, and of his Letters to Congress; from which it appears that he, from time to time, gave seasonable and due notice of the state of the Army under his command, and what supplies were, in his opinion, necessary to render the enterprise successful; that a number of Officers and other gentlemen from Canada, who were acquainted with his


conduct there, and who happened occasionally to be in this City, were examined before the Committee; to which Letters, and the Minutes of the examination of the witnesses herewith exhibited, the Committee beg leave to refer Congress for further information, and report, as the opinion of the Committee, upon the whole of the evidence that was before them, that nothing censurable or blameworthy appears against Brigadier-General Wooster.

The Report, being again read, was agreed to.

The Board of War brought in a Report, which was taken into consideration;

Whereupon, Resolved, That Gustavus Risberg be appointed Assistant to Clement Biddle, Deputy Quartermaster-General to the Flying-Camp, and that he reside at Philadelphia.

Resolved, That General Washington be desired to propose an exchange of his Britannick Majesty' s Prisoners, captivated at St˙ John' s and Chamblee, for those in the service of the United States, taken in Canada:

That Major Meggs be exchanged for Major French, and Captain Henry Dearborn for an Officer of his rank:

That in case a general exchange of Prisoners should not be agreed to, that provision be made for supplying our Prisoners in Canada with necessaries, by procuring and sending bills of exchange, drawn by British Officers, prisoners in these States; or, if such cannot be obtained, that cash be sent to them.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Convention of Maryland, to raise and arm two Battalions upon the Continental establishment:

That the men for the said Battalions be inlisted to serve during the war, unless sooner discharged by Congress:

That the said Convention recommend to Congress suitable persons for Field Officers of the said Battalions, and appoint all the other Officers:

That the said Battalions be taken into Continental pay so soon as they are armed and accoutred for service, and accordingly mustered:

That 20,000 Dollars be sent to the said Convention, to defray the expenses of raising the said Battalions; to be accounted for to Congress.

Colonel Biddle having, by order of General Mercer, applied for the following articles, viz: 500 Firelocks with Bayonets, and 500 Bayonets with scabbards of different sizes, 200 spare Ramrods, 4,000 Priming-Wires, and 20,000 Flints:

Resolved, That Mr˙ J˙ Mease, Commissary, be directed to provide and deliver to Colonel Biddle, or his order, the above articles, or as many of them as can be procured.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, on Monday.