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Tuesday, October 3, 1775.

Agreeable to a Resolve of the General Court, dated August 21, 1775, desiring the Committee of Inspection of the Town of Falmouth to inquire into the conduct of Jeremiah Pote and Robert Pagan, relating to their exporting a quantity of Fish, the said Committee met for the above purpose, and called the said Pote and Pagan before them, and, upon examination, found Robert Pagan clear of the matter; but Jeremiah Pote, as also Thomas Wyer, remains for further examination. Thereupon,

Ordered, That Colonel Thompson, Mr˙ Woodbridge, and Captain Cutter, with such as the honourable Board may join, be a Committee to examine Captain Jeremiah Pote and Captain Thomas Wyer, relative to their exporting Fish, contrary to the Resolves of Congress, as set forth in a Letter from the Committee of Inspection of Falmouth, and other Papers accompanying.

In Council, October 3, 1775. Read and concurred.