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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a special meeting of the Committee, at Mr˙ William Buchanan' s, December 30, 1774:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, William Smith, William Buchanan, William Spoar, John Merryman, Philip Rogers, John Moale, John Boyd, Clerk, John Smith.

Captain Barlett, of the Schooner Adventure, from Cape Nicolamole, appeared before the Committee, and declared, on oath, that his cargo consisted of Molasses, Sugars, and Coffee, not the production of the British Islands, and that


he has not imported any goods of British manufacture for sale.

Mr˙ James Jaffray produced an Invoice to the Committee of the Goods imported in the Sims, Captain C˙ Hocker, marked J˙ J˙, which were shipped to order, and they appear to be his property. They are, therefore, ordered to be sold at publick vendue, by the cargo, his orders for said Goods appearing to have been wrote before the first day of June last.

Messrs˙ Calhoun and Eichelberger are appointed to sell these Goods.

Mr˙ Mitchell, owner of the cargo of Salt on board the Dick, Captain Pierce, appeared in Committee, and desired that said Salt might be sold at publick vendue, agreeable to a former Resolution of this Committee in such case provided.

It is, therefore, Ordered, That it be sold on Saturday, the 31st instant, at eleven o' clock, forenoon, in lots of five hundred bushels, to the highest bidder; and it is directed that the Salt be put up at two Shillings and a Penny per bushel.

Messrs˙ William Smith and John Merryman are appointed to superintend the sale of this Salt.

Captain Thomas Hutchinson, of the Ship Richmond, from Liverpool, appeared before the Committee, and produced Invoices and Bills of Lading consisting of twelve barrels white Herring, fifteen tons of Coals, and five thousand five hundred and twenty bushels of Salt, consigned to Ashburner & Place, and five crates of Earthen and Glass-Ware, his own private adventure; and made oath that this was a true account of his cargo.

The consignment was sold for first cost and charges, to the Consignees, and the Captain agrees to allow two per cent˙ on his adventure, for the Poor of Boston.