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General Orders, December 23


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, December 23, 1775.

(Parole, London.) (Countersign, Livery.)

The Colonels and commanding officers of the new established Regiments, will each of them receive, on Monday next, from the Adjutant-General, a warrant for eight hundred dollars, to pay their men for their blankets. An exact account of the distribution of this money is to be kept, and rendered when called for, particularizing the men' s names, the companies they belong to, and the towns they come from.

The Captains of the Militia companies, are again called upon to make out exact return-rolls of their men, specifying the towns they come from, and the regiments they are joined to.

The General expects from the officers and soldiers a strict obedience,to the general standing orders, forbidding rambling from camp without leave, and hopes every person will exert himself in his particular station to preserve order, and that alertness so necessary in an army within cannon shot of their enemy.