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General Orders, July 25, 1775


Head-Quarters, July 25, 1775.

(Parole, Halifax.)

(Countersign, York.)

Continual complaints being made that soldiers of regiments and companies, after enlisting in one company and regiment, have gone and enlisted in another, insomuch that it would engross the General' s whole time to hear the disputes upon this subject; for the future, any officers who have any dispute in regard to the men re-enlisted, are to apply to the Brigadier commanding their Brigade, who will order a Court-Martial of the Brigade to hear and determine the matter.

The General Court-Martial, of which Colonel Nixon was President, to be dissolved this evening, and another General Court-Martial of the line to sit to-morrow morning at the usual time and place, to try such prisoners as shall be


brought before them. All evidences and persons concerned to attend the Court.