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Epsom (New-Hampshire) Resolves



At a legal Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Epsom, held on Monday, the 9th day of January, 1775, Deputies were chosen to meet at Exeter, on the 25th instant, agreeable to the letter sent to said Town for that purpose.

Whereas the Grand Continental Congress has recommended a Non-Importation and a Non-Consumption of Goods to be the most effectual method to ease our deplorable situation; and as we view the Scotch Merchants and Traders, in general, to be no friends to our country, and are altogether for self-interest and lucrative gain; and to accomplish their designs have filled the country with Hawkers, Pedlars, and Petty-Chapmen, with their Lawns, Cambricks, Ribbons, &c˙, tempting women, girls, and boys with their unnecessary fineries, which is a moth to our country, and a damage to all honest Merchants and Traders that are true friends to our country, and that deal upon honour; — and to prevent all such diabolical proceedings for the future,

Resolved, That no Pedlars, Hawkers, or Petty-Chapmen shall be tolerated, for the future, to sell or dispose of any goods, of whatever name or nature soever, in said Town, upon no less penalty than receiving a new suit, agreeable to the modem mode, and a forfeiture of their Goods.

A Committee of Inspection was then chosen to see that the above Resolve is carefully executed.