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The Commodore


In Committee of Safety, March 7, 1776.

Present: John Cadwallader, James Mease, Robert White Daniel Roberdeau, George Clymer.


At a special meeting of the Committee,

Present: Alexander Wilcocks, Chairman, Owen Biddle, George Clymer, James Biddle, John Cadwallader, Daniel Roberdeau, James Mease, Thomas Wharton, Jun.

Upon application of James Christie, for the payment of two Fire-locks detained by Robert Towers, Commissary, as Provincial arms,

Resolved, That an Order be drawn on John Nixon and others, the Committee of Accounts, for five Pounds, the value of the said arms. Which was accordingly done.

A Letter was this day written to the Committee of Chester County, recommending the Associators to be properly armed and furnished with Ammunition out of the publick stock.

Resolved, That the Commodore order down to-morrow to Fort-Island, three of the Armed Boats that are in most readiness, where they are to remain till they are relieved by others. While they are down the river, the men are to be quartered at the Post-House, in the rooms not occupied by Captain Proctor' s Company, until sufficient Barracks on Fort-Island are built.