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Committee to report a Non-Consumption Agreement relative to British and India Goods


Ordered, That Mr˙ Appleton, Mr˙ Gill, Mr˙ Pickering, Mr˙ Legate, and Major Thompson, be a Committee to report a Non-consumption Agreement relative to British and India goods.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Palmer, Captain Doolittle, Captain Greenleaf, Doctor Foster, and Colonel Danielson, be a Committee to report a Resolve recommending the total disuse of India Teas.

Adjourned to three o' clock this afternoon.



Mr˙ President informed the Congress that he had in his hands a number of Rivington' s newspapers; Whereupon,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gerry, Captain Farley, and Doctor Church, be a Committee to look over the same; and if any thing therein should appear to have been written with a design to injure this Province, that they report it to the Congress.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gill, Major Fuller, Colonel Prescott, Mr˙ Hall, Mr˙ Gardner, of Stow, Mr˙ Davis, and Captain Upham, be a Committee to wait on the gentlemen, Selectmen, and others, expected from Boston, and conduct them to this body.

The gentlemen Selectmen, Overseers of the Poor, Committee of Correspondence, and Committee of Donations, being introduced, a free conversation was had with them on means for preserving the town of Boston at this alarming crisis.

The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve recommending the total disuse of India teas in this Province, reported. The Report was read and accepted, and is as followeth:

Whereas, the unnecessary and extravagant consumption of East India Teas in time past, has much contributed to the political destruction of this Province; and as Tea has been the mean by which a corrupt Administration have attempted to tax, enslave, and ruin us; Therefore,

Resolved, That this Congress do earnestly recommend to the people of this Province an abhorrence and detestation of all kinds of East India teas, as the baneful vehicle of a corrupt and venal Administration, for the purpose of introducing despotism and slavery into this once happy country; and that every individual in this Province ought totally to disuse the same. And it is also recommended that every Town and District appoint a Committee to post up in some publick place the names of all such in their respective Towns and Districts, who shall sell or consume so extravagant and unnecessary an article of luxury.

The Committee appointed to consider what is necessary to be done for the defence and safety of this Province, reported. The Report was read, and ordered that the consideration thereof be referred until to-morrow morning.

Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow morning.