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Committee to draw up a state of the publick transactions of the Committee of Safety, to be laid before the publick, if necessary


In Committee of Safety, June 26, 1776.

Present: George Clymer, Chairman, Joseph Farker, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, John Nixon, Samuel Howell, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, James Biddle, Robert White, Daniel Roberdeau.

By order of the Board an Order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq˙, and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Thomas Fitzsimmons and Joseph Moulder, for £500, to be charged to their Accounts.

Colonel David McCutcheon being brought before this Board by a sub-Committee of the Committee of Inspection and Observation, as a person dangerous to the safety of American liberty; and Mr˙ James Steward, a Pilot, appearing at the same time, deposed that the said McCutcheon told him that if he would go aboard the Asia at New-York, there was a good offer, and that he should have two dollars a day, and other matters that will more fully appear by the deposition of said Steward,— in consequence thereof he was ordered to be confined in the Jail of this city, and the following commitment was issued:

"To the Keeper of the Jail of PHILADELPHIA County:

"You are hereby required to receive into your custody David McCutcheon, and keep him in close confinement until discharged by this Committee.

"By order of the Committee:

"GEORGE CLYMER, Chairman."