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General Greene to Governour Cooke



Prospect-Hill, October 24, 1775.

SIR: By an express that arrived from Fulmouth last night, we learn the greatest part of the Town is in ashes. The enemy fired above three thousand shot into it, and a large number of carcasses and bombs, which sat the Town on fire. Tlie enemy landed once or twice, to set fire to the stores; they lost eight or ten men in the attempt, and had one taken prisoner. The inhabitants got out a very considerable part of their furniture; no person killed or wounded during the whole time of their firing. The enemy produced orders from Admiral Graves, to burn all the Towns from Boston to Halifax. Captain Mowat informed the Committee at Falmouth, that there had arrived orders from England, about ten days since, to burn all the sea-port Towns upon the Continent, that would not lay down and deliver up their arms, and give hostages for their future good behaviour. He also acquainted them, that he expected the City of New-York was in ashes. By these accounts we may learn what we have to expect. I think Newport should be fortified in the best manner it can be. Doubtless the enemy will make an attempt to get the stock off the island. Provision should be made to defeat them. Death and desolation seem to mark their footsteps. Fight or be slaves! is the American motto. The first is by far the most eligible.

In haste, I am, with great respect and esteem, your most obedient humble servant, NATHANIEL GREENE.

To the Hon˙ Nicholas Cooke, Esq˙, in Providence.