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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee on Monday, August 21, 1775:

Present, Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, Chairman, and twenty-four Members.

Captain James Curry, of the Ship Rose, from Londonderry, reported his ship, signed, and swore.

The Maryland Association was laid before the Committee, and signed by those present according to their Hundreds, and the following persons are appointed to carry the Association to the people for signing:

For BALTIMORE, WEST: George Lindenberger and James Cox.

For BACK-RIVER, LOWER: Benjamin Buck and Job Garretson.

For BALTIMORE TOWN, EAST: Benjamin Griffith.

For DEPTFORD: Isaac Grist.

For BACK-RIVER, UPPER: T˙ C˙ Deye, D˙ Lux, James Cockey, Benjamin Nicholson, and J˙ Philpot.

For PATAPSCO, UPPER: Zach˙ McCubbin, and Charles Ridgely, Son of William.

For PATAPSCO, LOWER: Thomas Sollers and William Wilkinson.

For MIDDLE-RIVER, UPPER: Gist Vaughan, Benjamin Rogers, and Nicholas Merryman.

For MIDDLE RIVER, LOWER: Walter Tolley, Sen˙, Ab˙ Brilton, and Nicholas Britton.

For SOLDIERS' DELIGHT: T˙ Gist, G˙ Risteau, and J˙ E˙ Howard.

For MIDDLESEX: T˙ Rutter, M˙ Helm, and Thomas Johnson.

For DELAWARE: John Welsh and Rezin Hammond.

For NORTH: Jeremiah Johnson, Stephen Gill, Jun˙, J˙ Hall, and Elisha Dorsey.

For GUNPOWDER, UPPER: Walter Tolley, Jun˙, James Gittings, and Jesse Bussey.

For MINE-RUN: Dixon Stansbury, Jun˙, John Stevenson, and Edmund Stansbury.

For WESTMINISTER: Andrew Buchanan, John Moale, William Goodwill, and J˙ McClellan.