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Letter from the Philadelphia Committee


The following were received by return of the express sent by the Provincial Convention to the Committee of Correspondence for Philadelphia:

Philadelphia, May 1, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We have duly received your favour of the 29th ultimo. As the accounts from New-York were not handed to this Committee through a channel that gave us the satisfaction we could wish; and as they were very important, we thought proper immediately to despatch some of our members to that place, in order that they might, on the spot, learn the true situation of affairs there, and what the inhabitants of New-York expect from the Southern Colonies. On their return, or on the receipt of any certain intelligence, we shall immediately communicate the particulars to you.

In the mean time we have to inform you, that, upon the receipt of the late intelligence, this City and County immediately took the alarm, and are arming and forming with all possible expedition; and, by accounts from the other Counties in, this Province, the same spirit prevails every where; and we hope, in a short time, we shall be in a condition to unite our efforts with the rest of the Colonies.

Enclosed we send you a letter from Newport, Rhode-Island, which contains a particular account of the situation of affairs to the Eastward, together with some important intelligence. By order of the Committee:

JOHN NIXON, Chairman.

To Matthew Tilghman, Esq˙, Chairman of the Provincial Convention of the Province of Maryland, now sitting at Annapolis.