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Report on a System of Military


Saturday, October 29, 1774.

The Committee appointed to take into consideration what Military Exercise is best for the people of this Province now to adopt, reported; the Report was read and accepted, and

Ordered, That Major Foster bring in a Resolve accordingly; who, in obedience to the above order, reported the following Resolve, which was read and accepted, and ordered to be published in the Boston newspapers:

Resolved, That it be recommended to the inhabitants of this Province, that in order to their perfecting themselves in the Military Art, they proceed in the method ordered by his Majesty in the year 1764, it being, in the opinion


of this Congress, best calculated for appearance and defence.

Upon a motion, the question was put, whether the Congress will now go into the consideration of the propriety of keeping the Records of the County of Suffolk in the Town of Boston, and passed in the affirmative.

After a very considerable debate on the question, it was ordered that the matter now subside.

Resolved, That the consideration of the state of the Executive Courts in the Province be referred to the next meeting of this Congress.

Ordered, That Captain Gardner, Mr˙ Wheeler, and Mr˙ Watson, be a Committee to wait on the Reverend Doctor Appleton, with Thanks of this body for his constant attendance on, and praying with them, during their session in the Town of Cambridge.

Ordered, That the payment of the several expenses of this Congress be referred until the next meeting thereof.

Resolved, That the Committee of Safety be desired to write to the Continental Congress, showing them the grounds and reasons of our proceedings, and enclose them a copy of our Votes and Resolutions.

Ordered, That Major Foster, Doctor Holten, and Mr˙ Appleton, be a Committee to look over the Resolves and Orders of this Congress, and point out what is necessary now to be made publick.

The Committee appointed to wait on the Reverend Doctor Appleton with the Thanks of this Congress, reported that they had attended to that service, and that the Doctor informed them that the Congress were welcome to his services, and that he wished them the blessing of Heaven.

Resolved, That when this Congress shall adjourn that it be adjourned to the 23d day of November next, at ten o' clock in the forenoon, then to meet at this place.