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Invoice of Stores on Board the Nancy


Invoice of Stores on board the NANCY, Store-Ship, ROBERT HUNTER, Master, taken by the Schooner LEE, Captain MANLY.

Laden on board the Nancy, store-ship, Mr˙ John Wilkinson,


contractor, and Robert Hunter, master, the undermentioned particulars, to be by them transported to Boston, in North-America, (the danger of the seas excepted,) and there delivered to John Grant, Esq˙, Commissary and Paymaster to the Train of Artillery in North-America, being in further part of Colonel Cleveland' s demand. By order of the Board, the 26th of July, 1775.

Muskets, with bayonets, scabbards, and steel rammers, 2,000. Cartouch-boxes, with belts and frogs, 2,000. Tanned leather slings, 2,000. In eighty chests.

Flints: Wallpiece, 250, in one keg. Musket, 100,000, in fifty kegs. Carbine, 5,000, in two kegs.

Forge-bellows, one pair.

Hand-bellows, double blasted, three pairs. Budge barrels, copper hooped, fifteen. Kit brushes, six. In four three-quarters, one-half, and one-and-a-quarter ton vats, No˙ 114 to 119.

Fifty handbarrows; and wheelbarrows, fifty.

Callipers, one pair of brass, one pair of iron ditto, and one hundred yards of canvass, No˙ 114 to 119.

Chalk, four hundred weight, in two quarter-ton vats.

Spare travelling carriages, twelve-pounders, heavy, 11.

Empty paper cartridges, twelve-pounders, 10,000, in ten three-quarter ton vats, No˙ 99 to 108. Six ditto, 5,000, in three-quarter ton vats, No˙ 109 to 111. Four ditto, 2,500, in one three-quarter ton vat, No˙ 112. Three ditto, 3,000, in one ditto, No˙ 113.

Flags: Union, small, one; ordnance jack, two.

Pincers: For drawing fuzes, six pairs; common ditto, twelve.

Funnels of plate, ten; ditto, for shells, copper of sorts, six.

Hammers for vents, fifty, No˙ 114 to 119.

Park pickets, shod, twenty-five. Handerow levers, six feet, twenty-five.

Harness, horse, thills, with cart saddles, eighty; bit halters, one hundred; traces, twenty; wanties, eighty; in eighteen three-quarter ton vats, No˙ 57 to 74.

Harness, men' s, twelve to a set, 200, in twenty three-quarter ton vats, No˙ 37 to 56.

Tanned hides, fifteen; laboratory kettle, one; copper ladles, without staves, 24-pounders, seven; 12 ditto, seventeen; 6 ditto, ten; 3 ditto, two; iron melting ladles, twelve; Muscovy lanterns, thirteen; tin ditto, ten; dark ditto, fifteen, No˙ 114 to 119.

Marline: Twenty skeins tarred, and ten white.

Brads, 5,000 of one inch, and 5,000 of one inch and a half. Sponge tacks, 5,000. Nails, small copper, 2,000; 4,000 of streak, and 90,000 quarter rose, No˙ 114 to 119.

Camp kettles, 50, in four three-quarters and one-quarter ton vats, No˙ 120 to 124.

Oil: One barrel of olive, in seven jars, and one barrel of train, in fourteen jars.

Cartridge paper, 12-pounders, sixty reams, in 24 three-quarter ton vats, No˙ 75 to 98.

Perpendiculars, new pattern, two; rafts, half-round, twelve, No˙ 114 to 119.

Anvil, for smiths, one.

White rope, coils, 2 of four inches and a half, 1 of three inches, and 2 of one and a half.

Sheepskins, 25 dozens, in twenty-five bundles.

Sheets of tin for case shot, three boxes.

Shot: Musket, 31 tons, 500 pounds, in six hundred and twenty-five boxes. Buck, 1,200 pounds, in eight barrels and four boxes.

Spikes: Eight-inch, 10,000, in twenty weight powder barrels, No˙ 1 to 20; seven-inch ditto, 10,000, in sixteen twenty weight powder barrels, No˙ 21 to 36.

Spare sponge and rammer heads: Ten of 24-pounders, fifteen of 12, thirty of 6, and six of 3. Twenty-five pair of scissors. Three pair of brass scales. Weights from four pounds to a quarter of an ounce, three piles, No˙ 114 to 119.

Staves, spare, for ladles, &c˙, 100. Thread, 200 weight, in a half-ton vat, No˙ 120.

Twine, 100 weight, in a quarter-ton vat, No˙ 121.

Round-shot: Twelve-pounders, 3,000; six-pounders, 4,000. Junk, 10 tons.

Mortar-beds for land service: Three of 13 inches, four of 10, and four of 8.

Ammunition wagons, seven. Carbines, with bayonets,


scabbards, and steel rammers, seventy-five. Carbine cartouch-boxes, with belts and frogs, seventy-five. Tanned leather slings, seventy-five. In three chests.

Handspikes, one hundred.

Camp-kettles, with frying-pan covers, one hundred, in 10 three-quarter ton vats.

Laboratory Stores.

Carcasses, round, thirteen inches, 50, in fifty boxes; oblong, eight inches, 100, in thirty-four boxes.

Shot fixed to wood bottoms: Round, twenty-four pounders, 160, in twenty boxes; twelve-pounders, 1,080, in ninety boxes; six-pounders, 2,720, in ninety-eight boxes; three-pounders, 96, in three boxes. Case: twenty-four pounders, 72, in nine boxes; twelve-pounders, 1,280, in one hundred and seven boxes; six-pounders, 1,416, in fifty-one boxes; three-pounders, 96, in three boxes. Eight-inch howitzers, 30, in ten boxes; five and a half-inch howitzers, 100, in ten boxes.

Empty flannel cartridges: Heavy, twenty-four pounders, 1,500, in a case, No˙ 21; twelve-pounders, 2,000, in a case, No˙ 23. Light, six-pounders, 5,800, in a case, No˙ 20.

Fixed fuzes, four and two-fifths, 8,440, in two cases, Nos˙ 6 and 7.

Empty shells: Thirteen inches, 100; ten ditto, 100; eight ditto, 50; five and a half ditto, 100. In thirteen boxes.

Tin tubes, fixed: Six-pounders, light, 16,000, in a case, No˙ 14.

Bottoms of wood for mortars, thirteen inches, 100.

Iron round-shot, one-pounders, 20,000, in two hundred boxes.

Covers of cured paper, twenty-four pounders, 1,050, in a case, No˙ 33; twelve-pounders, 3,600, in two cases, Nos˙ 37 and 38; six-pounders, 2,800, in one case, No˙ 42.

Caps of cartridge paper: Twenty-four pounders, 1,050, in a case, No˙ 33; twelve-pounders, 3,600, in two cases, Nos˙ 37 and 38; six-pounders, 2,800, in No˙ 42.

Mealed powder, two barrels, in a case, No˙ 48.

Portfires, long and small, one hundred dozen, in a case, No˙ 28.

Empty flannel cartridges, twelve-pounders, light, 1,500, in No˙ 28.

Board' s order, August 11, 1775.

One brass mortar of thirteen inches, with a complete mortar-bed, to be delivered to Captain Stehelin.

Board' s order, August 9, 1775.

Watchcoats, thirty-two, in 2 half-ton vats, Nos˙ 125 and 126. Two reams of muster-rolls, one ditto pay-lists, and one dozen of the articles of war, in a quarter-ton vat, No˙ 129.

For Mr˙ Durnford: B˙ BLIGHT.

Office of Ordnance, September 1, 1775.

A true copy from the original:0


P˙ S. Two brass six-pounders on board the brig.