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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


It appearing that the following gentlemen, who were chosen as Committee-Men, had declined to act, viz:

Mr˙ Thomas Cockey Deye, refused by Letter to the Chairman; Mr˙ William Smith, refused by information to the Secretary; Mr˙ Ezekiel Towson, by information to Messrs˙ Risteau and Cradock; Mr˙ William Randall, refused by information to the Secretary; Mr˙ Stephen Cromwell, refused by Letter to Mr˙ Cradock; Mr˙ Jeremiah Johnson, refused by information to Mr˙ David Stewart; and Mr˙ Mordecai Gist is disqualified, he having accepted of a Majority in the Regular Forces raised by order of the Convention:

The Committee, therefore, agreeable to the direction of the Convention, filled up the said vacancies by electing, in their stead, the following gentlemen, viz:

Mr˙ John Gillis, Mr˙ Frederick Decker, Mr˙ John Merryman, Jun˙, Mr˙ John Sterrett, Mr˙ Gist Vaughan, Mr˙ Thomas Rtitter, Mr˙ Samuel Worthington.

Upon motion, Resolved, That the above List be published in the Baltimore Papers.

The Proceedings of the Convention not having yet come to hand in time to enable the Committee to give due notice to the Inhabitants of this County to enroll themselves agreeable to their direction, the Committee maturely considered the same, and, being desirous to prevent the inconveniences arising therefrom,

Resolved, That the Enrollment and Association Papers be lodged with the following gentlemen, for the greater convenience of the Freemen in their respective Hundreds to sign, viz:

In BALTIMORE WEST: Messrs˙ John Slerrett, James Calhoun, William Buchanan, and John Smith.

BALTIMORE EAST: Messrs˙ William Asquith and John Boyd.

DEPTFORD: Messrs˙ Thomas Elliot and Isaac Vanbibber.

WESTMINISTER: Messrs˙ John Moale, John Merryman, Jun˙, and David Stewart.

BACK-RIVER, LOWER: Messrs˙ Benjamin Buck and Job Garritson.

BACK-RIVER, UPPER: Messrs˙ Darby Lux, John Cockey, Benjamin Nicholson, John Cradock, and Samuel Worthington.

DELAWARE: Messrs˙ John Gillis, John Elder, and Thomas Philips.

NORTH: Messrs˙ Nicholas Merryman, of Nicholas, Elisha Dorsey, and Thomas Slansbury, of Thomas.

MINE-RUN: Messrs˙ John Stevenson, of Edward, Edmund Stansbury, John Standiford, and James Little.

MIDDLESEX: Messrs˙ Thomas Rutter and George Lux.

GINPOWDER, UPPER: Messrs˙ James Giltings, Jesse Bussey, Sutton Gudgeon, and James Bosley.

SOLDIER' S DELIGHT: Messrs˙ John Egor Harvard, William Cromwell, Charles Carman, Robert Lyon, and Amon Butler.

PATAPSCO, UPPER: Mr˙ Charles Ridgely, of William.

PATAPSCO, LOWER: Messrs˙ Thomas Sollers and William Wilkinson.

MIDDLE-RIVER, UPPER: Messrs˙ Gist Vaughan, Benjamin Rogers, Nicholas Merryman, Sen˙, Joshua Hall, and Micajah Merryman.

MIDDLE-RIVER, LOWER: Messrs˙ Abraham Britton, Walter Tolley, Sen˙, Simon Prion, Kinsey Griffith, and William Galloway.

PIPE-CREEK: Messrs˙ Frederick Decker, William Kelley, Jun˙, Richard Richards, and Jonathan Plowman, Planter.

Attest: GEORGE LUX, Secretary.