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The Journal of Convention from the meeting until the adjournment to be immediately printed


Saturday, October 5, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on yesterday.

The Proceedings of yesterday were read.

On motion of Mr˙ Bond,

Resolved, That the Journal and Proceedings of this Convention, from the meeting thereof until the adjournment, be immediately printed, and that two copies be delivered to every Member of this House.

On motion of Mr˙ Paca,

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to revise and correct the Proceedings for the press.

And Mr˙ Fitzhugh, Mr˙ Bond, and Mr˙ Deye, were elected by ballot a Committee for that purpose.

On motion of Mr˙ T˙ Ringgold,

Resolved, That the Council of Safety fit and load the Schooner Resolution, and send her out on a voyage to sea at the expense and risk of this State, the former order of this Convention to the contrary notwithstanding.

Mr˙ Ridgely, from the Committee appointed to receive proposals relating to the establishment of Manufactories, and report their opinion thereon, brings in and delivers to Mr˙ President a Report on the Petition of Jacob Myers, of Frederick County; which was read, and thereupon the Convention taking the same into consideration,

Resolved, That the sum of three hundred pounds be advanced out of the publick Treasury to the said Jacob Myers, he giving bond with good security to repay the same in Wire manufactured by him, in the following payments, to wit: one hundred and fifty pounds thereof in September next, and the remaining one hundred and fifty pounds in March then next following, at such prices as the Convention shall think proper to set on the same.

The order of the day, for taking into consideration the


Letter from the President of the Congress of the 2d of this instant, being read, the same was referred till Wednesday, the 6th of November next.

Convention adjourns till Monday morning, nine o' clock.