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Report on the Treaty at Albany


The Congress then resumed the consideration of the Report on Mr˙ Douw' s Letter and the Albany Treaty, and, after debate, the first paragraph was postponed. The remainder was agreed to, as follows:

The Committee to whom it was referred to take into consideration the Letter from Volkert P˙ Douw, Esq˙, and the Minutes of the Treaty held with the Indians at Albany, by the Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department, have examined the same, and come to the following Resolutions thereupon:

That it is the opinion of this Committee, that the Indians be assured that this Congress are pleased with their desire that the trade should be opened, as formerly, at Albany and Schenectady; that the Congress will exert their strenuous endeavours to procure the goods the Indians may want, and put the trade under such wise regulations as that mutual justice may be effected; and that they hope those endeavours will be successful.

That General Schuyler be desired to furnish the Commissioners at Albany with some Powder, if he can spare it, to be distributed among the Indians, who, in the present circumstances, are much distressed by the want of that article. That the Commissioners for transacting Indian affairs in the Northern Department be desired to obtain from the Mohawk Indians and the Corporation of Albany a state of the controversy between them, concerning the land desired by the former, in the late treaty at Albany, to be restored to them, and report the matter, as it shall appear to them, to the Congress.

That the said Commissioners be desired, at the expense of the United Colonies, to provide for and entertain the Sachems or Warriors of the Six Nations and other Indians friendly to these Colonies, their attendants and messengers, with the accustomed hospitality, when they come to Albany or Schenectady, to treat, or give intelligence of publick affairs, or upon a visit; and, for this purpose, that seven hundred and fifty Dollars be lodged in the hands of the said Commissioners, subject to account.

That the said Commissioners be directed to employ two Blacksmiths, for reasonable salaries, to reside among and work, for the Indians of the Six Nations.

That the said Commissioners be empowered to employ an Interpreter, with a salary of 222 1-5 Dollars, by the year, commencing the 12th day of this month, who shall also be allowed his travelling expenses, to be settled by the Commissioners; and James Deane, if they judge him well qualified, is recommended to execute this office.

That twenty-three Dollars be paid to James Deane, over and above the seventy-five Dollars advanced him by the Commissioners, for his past services.

On motion made, Resolved, That three members be added to the Committee on the Albany Treaty, and that they be directed to consider of a plan for carrying on a Trade with the Indians, and to devise ways and means for procuring Goods proper for that Trade.

The members added: Mr˙ Wilson, Mr˙ Deane, and Mr˙ Lewis.

Whereas Major Hawley, from the situation of his private affairs, cannot attend the business of a Commissioner for Indian Affairs, and having by his Letter desired to be excused from that service,

Resolved, That to-morrow be assigned for electing a Commissioner for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department, in the room of Mr˙ Hawley.