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Proceedings of the New-York Committee, January 4



Thursday, January 4, 1776.

The following Members met according to adjournment: John Broome, Chairman.

Mr˙ Low,
Mr˙ P˙ P˙ Van Zandt,
Mr˙ Jay,
Mr˙ Norwood,
Mr˙ Burling,
Mr˙ R˙ Ray,
Mr˙ Pell,
Mr˙ Bancker,
Captain Denning,
Mr˙ Brinckerhoff,
Captain Berrian,
Mr˙ Breasted,
Captain Johnson,
Mr˙ Basselt,
Mr˙ J˙ Ray,
Mr˙ Roosevelt,
Mr˙ Totten,
Mr˙ Ramsey,
Colonel Lott,
Colonel Hyer,
Major Stoutenburgh,
Mr˙ Janeway,
Captain Dennis,
Mr˙ De Peyster,
Mr˙ Roome,
Mr˙ Brower,
Mr˙ Gilbert.

As there was not a sufficient number of Members present to constitute a House, Committee adjourned.