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Address of the Council to the Governour


Address of the Council to the Governour.

To His Excellency the Right HonourableJOHN Earl of DUNMORE, His Majesty' s Lieutenant and Governour-General of the Colony and Dominion of VIRGINIA, and Vice-Admiral of the same:

The humble Address of the Council:

MY LORD: We, His Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Council of Virginia, now met in General Assembly, beg leave, to present our humble thanks to your Excellency for your Speech at the opening of the Session, and for giving us an opportunity to take the present alarming state of this Colony into our consideration, and provide remedies against the increasing evils therein. Your doing this so seasonably, and as soon as you were properly apprised of what you thought would lay a firm foundation for our proceeding with success in so desirable a work, we cannot but regard as a proof of your attachment to the welfare of this Dominion.

As this Country hath, for many years past, made ample provision for the civil Government thereof, we have only to declare our willingness to concur with the other branch of the Legislature in such proportion and in such means as they shall be willing to contribute towards the publick burdens of the State.

The peace and good order of every Country depending on the regular administration of justice, we are desirous that the Courts should be forthwith opened, and that the laws may again have their due course; as such a step will be instrumental in removing mischiefs of the greatest magnitude and most destructive tendency.