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Letter from Major French to General Washington



Hartford, August 5, 1776.

SIR: Notwithstanding I claimed my release, in a letter I did myself the honour to write you a fortnight past, as consonant with the tenour of my parole, yet I shall waive the pretensions arising from that circumstance in favour of Major Meigs, who, I am informed, is desirous to be exchanged for me. As it will mutually serve us, I hope you will have no objection, should General Howe, on his part, agree, since in restoring him to his family, it would also procure me the satisfaction to see my son. Colonel Allen is also mentioned in the papers to be designed fov exchange for any Colonel or officer of inferior rank; should, therefore, the proposed one with Major Meigs prove abortive, I flatter myself you will not object to my being exchanged for him, as I have been longer a prisoner than any of his Majesty' s officers of my rank; so that I think I stand in priority of claim. But should not either of these take place, from any unforeseen circumstances, I assure myself you will grant me the same indulgence given by General Carleton to Major Meigs, when I shall readily sign a parole similar to his.

I have the honour to be, sir, your most obedient, humble servant, CHRIS˙ FRENCH.