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Resolutions for Apprehending Deserters from the Continental Troops


Tuesday, October 17, 1775.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

The Committee appointed to prepare the draught of a Resolution respecting the apprehending of Deserters from the Continental Troops, reported the following draught; which was read, passed, and ordered to be engrossed:

1. Resolved, That when information shall be made, to any Member of any County or Town Committee in this Colony, of any Deserters from the Continental Army being found lurking in such County or Town, any Member of such Town or County Committee shall be, and he is hereby authorized to issue his order to the Captain or commanding officer of any Company of Minute or Militia men in such Town or County, requiring him to send one or more men of his Company to search for and to apprehend such Deserter, and, when apprehended, to confine him in


some safe place until he can be conveniently conducted to the Army; provided, always, that if any person or persons, so apprehended as aforesaid, shall deny his or their being a Deserter or Deserters, the Chairman or Deputy-Chairman of such Town Committee do immediately convene such Town Committee, to hear and determine the same.

2. Resolved, That all reasonable expenses of apprehending and conducting any such Deserter or Deserters as aforesaid, and allowed by any County Committee, shall be paid out of any publick moneys in the hands of the Treasurer or Collector of such County; and that such County Committee do transmit the accounts of such disbursements to this Congress, or the Committee of Safety, to be laid before the Continental Congress for reimbursement.

3. Resolved, That the Inhabitants of this Colony, in general, be desired to exert themselves in causing such Deserter or Deserters to be apprehended; and that any thing contained in the above Resolutions shall not be construed to preclude any such Inhabitant from apprehending such Deserters, without waiting for an order from any Member of such Town or County Committee as aforesaid.