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New-York Delegates to Provincial Congress



Philadelphia, May 30, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We received your favour of the 26th instant, and have the pleasure of informing you that the manner in which you have executed your trust was very acceptable to the Congress, to whom we communicated it. We shall pay a particular attention to what you say on the subject of a paper currency, since we are well apprized both of its difficulty and importance; and we wish you to be speedy in your determinations upon it, as it may throw some light upon the subject that we may otherwise want. You see by the order of the Congress heretofore sent you, that they have trusted to your prudence the appointment of officers. As we have the pleasure to hear that the principal people in every County have stepped forth on this important occasion, we make no doubt that they will continue the same conduct, and not refuse to accept those commands which we imagine you will see the propriety of placing in no other hands, both on account of the influence they will have among yourselves, and the effect it may probably have in England. If, gentlemen, there is any thing that you may think serviceable to you, either on the subject of the above resolves, or any other, you will oblige us by a free communication of your thoughts upon the same, to which, you may be persuaded, we will pay the greatest deference. We would just hint, that if there are any Counties in which no Committees have been chosen, as we are informed there are, that it would be proper to recommend that they be immediately elected, as the numbers interested will give strength to the cause. We observe that Tryon County has not sent Deputies to your Convention, and would submit it to your consideration, whether it would not be proper to send them a message, suggesting the inconvenience attending such conduct, and the necessity it will lay you under of breaking off all connexion with them.

We should be glad to have a particular account from you of any measures that you may have taken to establish Port Beder. And are, gentlemen, with great respect, your most obedient humble servants,


To the Provincial Congress of New-York.